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What Are the Types of Hydraulic Motors

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Common hydraulic motors include gear type, vane type and plunger type. Their applications are as follows:

1. Geared Hydraulic Motor

Gear-type hydraulic motors are used in high-speed, small-torque occasions, and are also used as a transmission device for the rotation of heavy objects. Because the inertia of heavy objects plays a role as a wheel, it can compensate for the fluctuation of rotation, so it is widely used in lifting equipment. It is worth noting that the output torque and speed of the geared hydraulic motor have a large pulsation, the radial force is unbalanced, and the stability of operation at low speed rotation and load changes is poor.


2. Vane Hydraulic Motor

The biggest feature of the vane hydraulic motor is its small size and low inertia, so it is sensitive and allows high commutation frequency. However, the leakage during operation is relatively large, the mechanical characteristics are relatively soft, it is not suitable for working at low speed, and the speed adjustment range cannot be large. It is mainly suitable for occasions with high speed, small torque and sensitive action. For example, it is widely used to drive the rotary table of grinders; the spindle drive of internal and external cylindrical grinders and the places where the mechanical characteristics are not strict; the clamping device that does not require high mechanical characteristics and the speed range is not large; it is also available It is used in various accompanying systems that require less inertia.


3. Plunger Hydraulic Motor

The general plunger pump can be used as a hydraulic motor, but because of its small displacement, the output torque is not large, so it is a high-speed and small-torque hydraulic motor. In recent years, the low-speed and large-torque plunger hydraulic motors produced in my country have been used in mining machinery, construction machinery, coal mining machinery, engineering machinery, lifting and transporting machinery, and ships.

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