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Hydraulic pump maintenance method

1.  Hydraulic pump oil supply form -- straight axis swash plate piston pump has two forms of oil supply, respectively is the pressure oil supply and self-priming oil.  

Pressure oil supply hydraulic pump generally uses a gas tank, but also some hydraulic pump with its own oil pump, to provide pressure oil to the hydraulic pump inlet.  

And self-priming hydraulic pump self-priming oil capacity is relatively strong, do not need external oil supply.  After 3000 hours of use, the staff of the piston pump  

Daily need to check the plunger pump 1-2 times, check the hydraulic pump running sound is normal.  

If it is found that the speed of the hydraulic cylinder drops or the car is stuffy, it is necessary to check the disintegration of the make-up oil pump, check whether the edge of the impeller is scratched, and whether the clearance of the internal gear pump is too large.  For self-priming oil type piston pump, the oil in the hydraulic tank shall not be lower than the lower limit of the oil standard, to maintain a sufficient amount of hydraulic oil.  

2.  Hydraulic pump with bearing piston pump is the most important part of the bearing, if the bearing clearance, can not protect the pump pressure liquid certificate three pairs of friction pair of normal clearance, but also destroy the friction pair of hydrostatic support oil film thickness, reduce the service life of the piston pump bearing.  

According to the information provided by the hydraulic pump manufacturer, the average service life of bearings is 10000h, and more than this value needs to be replaced.  Disassembly of bearings, without professional testing equipment is unable to check the clearance of bearings, can only be used by visual inspection, if the surface of the roller is found to have discoloration or scratch, it must be replaced.  

When replacing bearings, we should pay attention to the English letters and models of the original bearings. Most plunger pump bearings use large load capacity bearings. 

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